A lot of people in the world needs to be happy. Happy with school, happy with work, happy with life, happy with everything! You should be thankful and happy that you got to wake up another day too. Happiness is one thing that someone has to find on his/her own. Your friends can make you happy but they cannot help you find your happiness. 

I agree there are many setbacks in this world. The world truly is unfair. I will never get what I wanted. I mean, I can never get what I wanted at an instance. Surely I need to do something to get what I want. Hence, I cannot always be upset over the things I have not achieved. I will never be able to get what I wanted if I didn’t get that sadness feeling away from me. It has been proven, in my life at least. I was always feeling sad after the passing of my beloved mother. I didn’t realize my sadness brought myself to the extent of not doing well in my academic. My friends tried but I couldn’t bring myself together until I met a boy of the age of 9. He was always alone sitting at the minimart near my house. I wasn’t sure why I approached him though. However, the approach I made actually made me realize that in life, there are many other people experiencing what I’m going through at that moment or worse. It was then that I realize that I need to pull myself together. 

“In life, you need to accept the facts. Move on. Just smile and be happy” – Amir (Yes I can still remember his name.)

It’s very weird the fact that a 9 years old boy actually gave me an advice that really get me to where I am right now, It’s not only from him but also from my family members and friends who truly understood how I felt at that moment. 

“You just got to move on from where you fall. Stand up and start crawling and then run back in track.” – my father. He is my pillar of strength and my inspiration. 

Happiness was what I need in the past. I lost it for a moment and finally I got it back. It has been a chore or I shall say a habit for me to smile at all times because with just a smile, it can just brighten up your day, Even when you’re facing the toughest moments in life, just SMILE. 

I may or may not have mentioned these in my previous blog posts but I’m just going to write it again even if I did mention it in the previous post. I’m just very happy with whatever I’m doing right now. Getting into my dream Polytechnic, my dream school and one of my dream courses (a media related course.). I’m also very happy with whoever I am with right now – my family, my best friends in secondary school, my secondary school CCA friends, my Polytechnic friends and my Polytechnic CCA friends. Sometimes, I just have to appreciate the little things in life. 

These days I heard a lot of people are not happy with their jobs or what they’re doing. Like what I’ve mentioned above, life is unfair. The world is unfair. A lot of people nowadays are not happy with the job that they got. I think it’s best if they suck it up and move on in life because if they decide to leave their jobs because they don’t like it or is not their dream job, how are you going to survive in this new revolving era where money and level of education are the factors that allows you to survive in Singapore. We mustn’t be picky. Sometimes, we are posted to those jobs because of fate. Everything happens for a reason. We all have different beliefs but I believe He sets your path for a brighter and of course better future. Who knows, with the current job that you hated right now makes you a millionaire in years to come? Anything can happen. Setbacks in life are just like any major examinations. It is to test whether you can pass the exam or you get stuck there forever waiting for people to help you. 

“Opportunity won’t come if you don’t help yourself” – I don’t know who said it exactly but my father always says this to me. 

So, I guess “Just smile and Be Happy” is a way for me to achieve what you want. Of course from there comes my hardwork and moral support from my family and friends. These are just my theories to live a happy life. Having a very supportive and fun-loving family and friends are the happiest thing in my life. They are my happy pills. 🙂

At the toughest moment of your life, just remember to Smile because you always have to remember there are some people who faces the same problems as you do or worse.

“Keep smiling because one day, life will get tired of upsetting you.” – Anonymous


Time Flies Like…..

I thought I just played Floorball for Sports & Wellness last Monday and yesterday I played it again. A new week started. Time flies when you’re having fun. True enough. I’m really having a lot of fun in school with my friends during class and CCA. I really love my classmates for making school fun for me. I thought I will never fit in. I really appreciate them for accepting who I am. My classmates and I are bonded like a family. I hope our bonds last forever even after we graduate from Polytechnic. Although it has been an exhausting week with assignments and CCAs going on, I really appreciate my friends for cheering me on to persevere. I’m taking this opportunity, together with my classmates, to treasure and create pleasant memories with one another wisely. I swear three years is going to fly damn fast. Now is already Week 5 of school. Soon, we will have a short term break (if I’m not wrong).

I’m actually looking forward to my family trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I was told that my uncle had booked a hotel room near Legoland Malaysia. It’s been a long time since I went away for a short vacation. If I remember correctly, the last overseas trip I had with my family was 2011 – when my dad decided to bring us for a week holiday at Langkawi, Malaysia. I miss that place. Langkawi is a state full of interesting histories. A trip to the cave was the best moments in my life because that was the first time I got to see sleeping bats hanging on the cave’s ceiling. As the tour guide offed his torchlight, two to three bats flew above our heads. Somehow it is scary because they’re just above our heads but an exciting one for my sister and I because we’ve never seen bats before. So, I really hope I get to enjoy the short trip to JB and stay over at the hotel near Legoland Malaysia.

I can’t believe I reached home at 11.30pm last Thursday! It was quite unfortunate that I had to travel back home myself after CCA. Usually my father will fetch me from school directly after my CCA. However, last Thursday, my father had to attend a religious ceremony at a mosque in Kembangan. Hence, I had to travel to Pasir Ris on my own before meeting my father there. Unfortunately on that day, we were all dismissed late because a lot of admin stuffs to settle. I was kind of frustrated at them though. They could have done it at the start of the training. Luckily, my father is an understanding man. But I cannot let this happen a lot of times. I really appreciate my father for being there when I needed him. I can never imagine his life without a car because the family car is what have been making our journey to a destination easy. I just hope this dismissal thing will not happen again. 

Week 5 started and I can bet the week’s going to end very fast. I just I could sleep now. 


A Start To Something New

My Week 3 started off pretty well especially when I decided not to go to school by shuttle bus on Monday morning. I still managed to reach school on time! I’m so proud of it. My father plays a huge role by dropping me off at Pasir Ris MRT station so that I will not need to squeeze in the public bus to the interchange, which could probably take a few more minutes, which means I reach school probably a few minutes later. Our family car is our only hope to get to our destination on time. I can’t imagine how our life would be without a car. Unfortunately, due to the increase in the price of the Certificate of Entitlement (COE), my father has no plans on buying another car. Our family car will expire next year somewhere in September. Some things were not meant to be forever right? But I’m really hoping that one day, the price of the COE drops.

Anyway, now, I’m looking forward to Mondays because of the Sports & Wellness programme. I really love floorball. I’m really thankful to be in the floorball class for Sports & Wellness. I played floorball when I was in Secondary 1. I was chosen to be in the school team but because of some personal reasons, I had to quit floorball halfway. Hence, when I saw the choices given to me for Sports & Wellness programme, I quickly ranked floorball as my first choice! I really missed playing floorball. Throughout the 2-3 hours of the session, I really enjoyed myself mixing around with friends from different courses and schools. I even met friends from Biomedical Engineering – School of Engineering. They also have the same passion as I do towards floorball. We bonded well during the 2-3 hours session through the friendly match that we had on that day.

Since I am in NPSilat team now, I have to spent 12 hours on Tuesdays and 8 hours on Thursdays in school. Fortunately, I’ve completed my assignments due on Wednesday during the weekends. Also, now that my Fridays are free, I can use that day to rest and also complete my assignments for the following week. This way, I will try to juggle both my academic and my CCA for the rest of my 3 years in Ngee Ann. I’m really fortunate to have a father and a younger sister who understand and also allow me to get involved in Silat. Knowing that I have to sacrifice my family time for my CCA, I try my best to not arrange anything with my friends on weekends so that I could spend my time with my family. My principle: Family comes FIRST! Both Tuesday’s and Thursday’s trainings were tough. We started of with physical training like jogging 4 rounds around the track. Honestly speaking, the last time I jog was in 2013 during my 2.4km NAPFA test. No joke! I did promise to myself that I would jog during the long holidays after O levels… In the end it never happened! The seniors went slow on Tuesday since it was our first proper training. However, Thursday’s PT was more intense when even girls had to do the pull-ups. My muscles were aching immediately after I did the pull-ups. I could even feel my abs and thigh muscles burning. Well, it’s a good way to keep my body in shape! It’s one of my goals after all. I’m actually supposed to be in camp now but because I have religious class on weekends, I couldn’t join NPSilat FOC. It’s quite sad though but I’m sure I’ll be able to attend it next year!

I guess that’s it from me for Week 3 of school! How time flies… It’s already Week 3 of school! However, I’m pretty sure I’ve used it wisely – creating precious memories with my classmates and friends from different courses in S&W and CCA. Last but not least, I love my father and my younger sister for giving me all the support that I need for school. With my current schedule, I will always set aside time for my family.

Stay tune for more exciting events in Week 4! 🙂

Getting A Hang of It…

Week 2 of school is finally over. Slowly, I’m getting a hang of my school timings, assignments and also getting to know better about my classmates (not really there yet.. hahaha but still trying!) More and more assignments start to pile up. I’m trying to make it a habit of not doing my assignments last minute. I totally hate to rush things because I know once I rush through my assignments, the results to the assignment will be horrible. Been there, done that. It has been a tiring week but the Labor Day on Thursday totally helped to recharge my worn out body.

I remembered I said in my previous entry that I’m going to make full use of the shuttle bus that the school provides on Mondays since my class starts at 8.00am. Well, guess what? I am so not getting on that shuttle bus anymore! I never should have put all my trust on the shuttle bus timings. On the website, it states that the first bus will depart at 6.50am. The next bus will come in 10 minutes. I was already at Tampines Bus Interchange Berth A1 at 6.35am. The queue to board NP’s shuttle bus was very long. I admit I wasn’t the first 20/30 people in the queue to get into the first shuttle bus. With the other NP students who lived in the East, we waited anxiously for the bus to come at 6.50am. As a first timer taking the shuttle bus, I was shocked that the first shuttle bus only arrived to pick NP students at 7.00am! The estimated timing is so far off! I thought with the shuttle bus, I could have reach school at 7.45/8.00am. With the traffic jams and everything, I was late. My assumptions were all wrong. Guess what time did the next bus arrive? 7.25am… So much for their 10-15 minutes late. I reached the bus stop at 8.30am and by the time I reach the classroom, it was already 8.45am. Fortunately, the lecturer was kind enough to let me go. I would rather ask my dad to send me to school or take the MRT down to school on Mondays. I don’t mind waking up early to get onto the first MRT instead of the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus totally ruined my Monday morning. I’m fortunate to have my classmates to cheer me up during the IS module and lunch time.

I finally decided to join NPSilat team! Last Tuesday was our first meeting and it was fun! Although I only managed to stay for half an hour, at least I got to introduce myself and also got to know some of the other freshies from other schools who’s also interested in Silat. Proper trainings start next week – every Tuesdays and Thursdays. I hope with this CCA I can have a healthier lifestyle and also better time management. The factor that I must overcome is TIME. I really have the passion in Silat. So, I really hope with Silat, I can balance both my academic and my CCA well.

I totally love school apart from having issues with the shuttle bus. I think the thing that agitates me most was the shuttle bus. I just can’t get over it. Up till now, my favourite modules are still Camera and Lighting and Storytelling (although there’s no Camera and Lighting class last Thursday because of Labor Day). I decided to add one more in – Design and Typography. We got to learn Korean language too! Haha! I hope Week 3 will be a better week without the shuttle bus issue this coming Monday.

Stay tune for next week’s blogpost 🙂

Journal Entry #1

It was really an exhausting week to begin my first year as a tertiary student in a Polytechnic. Despite being tired, I really enjoyed my first week of school especially when you get to know new friends from different backgrounds. We’re still quite awkward talking to one another. I’m still waiting for that day when our class would be fully bonded. This thing takes time. Hopefully, the time comes real soon.

First week of school was basically an introduction to everything. The modules that I’m going to learn in Semester 1, the different lecturers to the different modules and also the timetable. Polytechnic’s timetable is way different from secondary school’s timetable. On some days I start at 8am or 9am in the morning while on other days, I can take my time and report to class by 1pm. However, I really have to plan my time well to get to school 15 minutes before class starts because I’m living in the far East of Singapore. I’m really going to make use of the shuttle bus that the school has provided especially on the days I have to report at 8am. Some of my friends have been questioning me why did I choose to go Ngee Ann Polytechnic whereas I could have actually chosen Temasek Polytechnic which is nearer to my place. I have a lot of reasons to it that I’m just going to give one – I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. Yes Ngee Ann may be far but at least it helps me to manage my time well and be conscious about time. Recently, I went for the CCA Fiesta with my classmates. I’m still contemplating if I should join the NP Silat team because their trainings will be every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9pm. I have been eyeing for it even before I enter polytechnic. Nevertheless, I still have to discuss with my dad and see if he allows me to join the team.

It’s only the first week of school. I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks. Hopefully, as I go on, I make delightful memories with my friends in school. So far, I enjoyed the camera and lighting module where I got to handle a still camera capturing photos that depicts lines, symmetry/asymmetry, rule of thirds, perspective and angle perspective. I got to learn how different angles and different ways of handling a still camera captures different pictures. Also, I enjoyed the storytelling module because honestly, I love to read (I don’t know if this has anything to do with it..haha) and also blog. 🙂 Yes I have a personal blog apart from this blog.

I think I wrote enough for this week. I’ll update again in a week!